Our Bespoke Fire Spheres are made from mild steel spun in the UK, designed by ourselves and hand cut.  Spheres come with a tubular stand, other options are available.  BBQ grids can be added to your order for most designs.  Spheres will arrive in a naturalised oxidised finish unless other wise requested.

Sphere Sizes Available

700mm & 900mm diameter


Prices vary according to the size of the sphere, complexity of the design, choice of stand and additional features such as BBQ grids or finish options.

We are constantly evolving our range to suit a wider budget and currently produce open half sphere fire pits with a wider range of products available for Spring 2016

Half BBQ Sphere 

BBQ 700 mm diameter to include: Ring floor stand, Cover, Stainless cooking grill, and interchangeable grids for burning wood or charcoal.  Example Price Start at £650

Full Sphere 

700mm diameter start at £735 

900mm diameter start at £1100 

Please see our Shop for any special offers available at the time or discuss your individual bespoke requirements, as prices may vary.

Please contact us with your own inspired ideas for a personalised commission by us.