Product Information

Our Bespoke Fire Spheres are made from mild steel spun in the UK, designed by ourselves and hand cut.  Spheres come with a tubular stand, other options are available.  BBQ grids can be added to your order for most designs.  Spheres will arrive in a naturalised oxidised finish unless other wise requested.

Sphere Sizes Available

500 mm, 700mm & 900mm diameter


Prices vary according to the size of the sphere, complexity of the design, choice of stand and additional features such as BBQ grids or finish options.

We are constantly evolving our range to suit a wider budget and currently produce open half sphere fire pits with a wider range of products.

If you would like something customised, please follow the steps below

Step 1- Design Consultation

We are always happy to liaise with you to create the perfect piece whether as a personalized gift or public commissioned work.  We can work from photographs drawings or verbally discussed ideas in order to create exactly what you are after.

Step 2- Design Artwork

We will fully draw the design onto the sphere and confirm you are happy before cutting. This will be done via email with photos and videos of the sphere.

Step 3- Packaging and delivery

We can liaise with you directly for the arrival of deliveries to fit in with special occasions. Packing is typically kerbside delivery on a pallet. 

If you require the sphere to be positioned/installed this can be arranged subject to additional delivery fees. POA 

Typically spheres will take 4-6 week s to be completed and dispatched. We are able to fast-track orders for special occasions, please get in touch if rapid delivery is required.